How To Order

Step 1: Pick your favorite cupcakes, cakes, pudding, or pastry flavor at the GALLERY.

Step 2: You have to know that MINIMUM order ---> (ONE) dozen for cupcakes, (FOUR) jars of New York Banana Pudding or cake in a jar, (ONE) dozen of Portuguese Egg Tarts or Japanese custard pudding, and (ONE) whole cake.

Step 3: You have to know that (ONE) dozen cupcakes can contains (TWO) flavors.

Step 4: After that send your request to ---> or SMS at +62 81311203090.

Step 5: Please write your full details, for examples---> Name, phone numbers, requested date, address for delivery, and the correct amount of cupcakes and flavors.

Step 6: Wait for our reply, and after we replied the request you will have to SEND the payment first to BCA a/n: Dewi Utari 7340127557. After we received the payment, we will process your order directly.

Step 7: Our courier will deliver the order to your door (Only available for Jakarta area), with the courier fee starts from IDR 50,000.

Step 8: If your house is outside Jakarta, we can deliver it via Tiki (Only available for certain order --> Cake in a jar)